Practicing Fractions with Cuties #100DaysofSunshine

I recently partnered with my friends at Cuties for their #100DaysofSunshine campaign. All opinions are always my own!

If you ask Alex what his favorite subjects in school are, he will tell you lunch and math. He has had a love for math since before he even started school. His kindergarten teacher was shocked to learn that he already knew how to add and subtract during the first weeks of school, and he begs for math workbooks from older grades. When I’m not trying to figure out where this love of math came from (because let’s be real, math was always my WORST subject!) I am always looking for fun activities to help further his math knowledge in fun and unique ways. I came up with this fun Cuties fraction activity to bring a little sunshine into our after school snack routine. Cuties are the perfect, easy to peel, sweet snack for little hands and they are back in stores now, ripe and ready to eat!

For this fun game, all you need are a bowl of cuties, some paper and a crayon or pencil. You start by drawing a circle on your paper and peeling your easy-to-peel Cutie.

Next, you break your Cutie into as many pieces as you’d like to get the denominator for your fractions – we used 8. Then, draw the same number of sections onto the Cutie on your paper. Now onto the fun part!

Start eating your Cutie! For every sweet section that you eat, color in one section on your paper and figure out how much of the Cutie you ate, and how much you have left. Don’t forget about reducing fractions!

Keep eating and coloring until you have no sections left, then start all over again! Cuties are the perfect snack you the ones you love, and you can be the coolest mom on the block for giving your little ones easy-to-love Cuties, and letting them play with their food, too!

To celebrate the return of Cuties in stores, Cuties is bringing 100 days filled with love and sunshine straight from their California groves to remind us that no matter how big our differences, they are no match for the power of love. So shares some  Cuties with your friends and loved ones to brighten their day and share the sweetness of the season during the #100DaysofSunshine!

Try this fun activity with your family as a way to spend some sweet time with those closest to you! Happy counting!


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  1. That is a great way to practice fractions. I stink at math, so I am ALL FOR creative ways to help the kids learn 🙂

  2. Did you know that I am a teacher? I can say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this lesson plan. I also teach pre-service teachers as an adjunct professor and I would give you high marks! 🙂

  3. I just bought a bag of Cuties for the kids yesterday. My son’s 3rd grade teacher said fractions are coming up after Christmas break so I need to save this idea!

  4. Cute game using cuties. I loved math as a kid too. And I’m really excited we’re back to cutie season. I love that they’re small. They’re perfect for a light snack.

  5. Thanks for giving me another idea on how to practice fraction with my little girls. They’ll surely love this!

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