WIAW: Summer Eats

It’s finally summer! Woohoo! I am off from work for a few glorious weeks, so I thought it would be fun to share what I’ve been eating, now that most of my meals are in my own, lovely kitchen!



I actually have time to make breakfast and am not just grabbing something quick on my way out the door, which is really nice. I have also found that I am not starving first thing in the morning and sometimes my breakfast isn’t until closer to lunch.

20150714_104313Eggs are always a go to breakfast for me. This was two dippy eggs with sauteed mushrooms and a side of avocado and half a pretzel roll bagel. Yes pretzel roll bagels exist and yes they are as delicious as they sound!

20150709_105504One of my new favs are smoothie bowls. They usually consist of my Shakeology with almond milk and a fruit with some ice. I love to top them with more fruit and granola for some crunch. Even though this is just basically a smoothie, for some reason it seems like they keep me full longer than just drinking my regular smoothies.


Lunch and dinner are pretty much interchangeable because I usually eat last night’s leftovers for lunch.

wiawBuffalo chicken quinoa bowls are my latest obsession. I cook up a bunch of quinoa, add in grilled chicken, broccoli and other greens that I have in the fridge and top it all with buffalo sauce and a bit of blue cheese. So good, and 21 Day Fix approved!


20150707_175206This was my couscous Greek salad with some grilled salmon. Alex and I bought Tommy a set of wood planks for grilling for Father’s Day and this was our first time trying them out. Even though I soaked them for almost 3 hours, the planks went up in flames, but at least the salmon tasted delicious!

20150703_130434A few weeks back we went grocery shopping at H-Mart and a this soup was one of the samples. After trying it, I had to pick up the udon noodles and soup base and recreate it at home. So good!


20150604_183052Last but not least are my favorite summer shish kebabs – shrimp, cherry tomato and pineapple. They are so quick to throw together and are ready in a flash. We like to coat them in a little bit of duck sauce mixed with water for extra sweetness, but it isn’t necessary. They are delicious either way.

What are your favorite summer eats?



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The Color Run Night – Brooklyn

On Saturday night, we did the Color Run Night in Brooklyn. The Color Run Night is a lot like its daytime counterpart, but it takes place at night and all of the colors glow under black-lights that are set up all over the course.  

We got to Aviator Sports around 8:45 pm and put on all of our glow gear. It was a lot of fun to get all decked out in glow sticks and it also helped us spot each other along the course when we got separated.

color run nightAround 9:15 we made our way to the start line for the Run/Walk/Dance/Cartwheel/Party Wave. While we waiting for our turn to start, there was lots of music and announcers throwing out t-shirts and other Color Run Night merchandise into the crowd.

color run night start line


I loved the disco ball at the start which gave everything a but of extra sparkle.
color run night disco ball

With around 5,000 participants, the course was pretty crowded. For the most part, there were lights set up so you could see where you were going, but the road at Aviator Sports Complex isn’t the straightest and we did see a few people fall down and need medical attention.

There were five color stations, a bubble station and a headlamp area. The color stations were just like the ones they have at the regular color runs with volunteers spraying you with the colored powder, but they all had black lights set up so everything and everyone was glowing.

color run night

The headlamp section was a bunch of black lights set up with different phrases stenciled onto the ground in reflective paint. A lot of people took a break there to take some fun pictures with the phrases.

color run night happy


The bubble station was really cool looking. They had a few bubble machines set up and the black lights made all the bubbles glow as the flew through the air.



At the finish line they handed out packets of glow dust to throw. There was also a DJ playing music and doing count downs for everyone to throw their powder into the air, which looked really cool.

Overall, we had a great time. It was Alex’s first 5k and he was already asking me this morning if we can go another Color Run next weekend. The Color Run definitely is not a competitive race where you will get your next PR, but it is a ton of fun to do with family and friends.

color run night after Have you ever done a Color Run? 


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At the Piers


Afternoons like today’s make me remember why I love New York. Even though I complain about it, New York is an amazing city and when the planets align and you get perfect weather, perfect company and a perfect view, you can’t help but sit back and think damn, I am lucky to be living here. […]

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Winter Beauty Finds -1-


Winter in New York has been rough and my skin was definitely feeling the effects of the cold. Even though it is warming up now, January and February were very harsh on my skin and left me with red, wind blown, dry skin. Since I had a few gift-cards left over from Christmas, I took […]

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Weekly Eats from Trader Joe’s


If we don’t go grocery shopping during the weekend, the following week is a disaster when it comes to eating. We usually rotate between two supermarkets for all of our groceries, depending on what we have run out of during the week. We go to BJ’s to buy things in bulk about once a month, […]

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First Beach Day of the Year


When the weather finally goes above freezing for the first time in weeks, what do you do? Go to the beach! When I woke up this morning and saw the amazing sunshine outside, I knew we had to get outdoors. Parts of the beach and boardwalk were still covered in snow and ice, but it […]

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Weekend in Review


Monday again!? Why do the weekends always seems to zoom by so quickly? We had a great weekend over here, and it was made even greater by the fact that it was a three day weekend! The heating system at my job was being repaired on Friday, so they told us to stay home because […]

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Italian Quinoa and Sausage Stuffed Peppers

italian stuffed peppers

Sausage and peppers is a staple meal at our house. It is super quick to throw together and it always tastes soooo good! Last week, I was feeling a little adventurous and had a little extra time on my hands, so I decided to change it up a bit. Instead of our usual sausage and […]

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Valentine’s Weekend In Review

pancake heart

This weekend was a COLD one, but we found lots of stuff to keep us cozy and warm indoors. The weekend started off on Friday with a Bake Sale at Alex’s preschool. Check out all that pink and heart covered deliciousness! We made cupcakes and chocolate covered pretzels for the sale and they were both […]

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Discovering Dinosaurs!

discover the dinosaurs

After hearing the commercial on the radio 3,000 times, I was sold and I purchased tickets for us to Discover the Dinosaurs at the Javits Center. Yesterday, we braved the weather and headed to the city for some dino fun. We got there soon after they opened, so the crowds were not bad. The exhibit […]

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