• Pomegranate Arugula Quinoa Salad

    I partnered with Bowery Farming for this sponsored post to share how I #EatCleanGreens! As adults, I think we all know it is important to eat our vegetables, but have you ever stopped to think about if all vegetables are created equal? Even organic vegetables can travel 100s of miles before they reach your plate. This is how Bowery Farming is… [See the Post]

    Pomegranate Arugula Quinoa Salad
  • #HealthierHousekeeping with Aunt Fannie’s

    This week we joined the movement for healthy cleaning with Aunt Fannie’s Cleaning products as part of a sponsored post for Aunt Fannie’s. #HomeSweetBiome When I was a kid, the house wasn’t clean until the smell of bleach and other harsh chemicals was so strong it burned your eyes. While they did get the house clean, it wasn’t the healthiest… [See the Post]

    #HealthierHousekeeping with Aunt Fannie’s
  • Spooky Halloween Bark

    Halloween is just around the corner and that means that classroom Halloween parties are going to be happening shortly. This year, I thought that instead of just sending in some prepackaged Halloween themed snacks, I would put in a little more effort and make something fun for the kiddos. And so, Spooky Halloween Bark was born. Even though the bark… [See the Post]

    Spooky Halloween Bark
  • Fall Home Decor

    As soon as the calendar reads the first day of fall, you can bet that I am pulling out all the fall decor and decorating the house. It might still be consistently 85 degrees out and everyone might still be wearing shorts, but at our house fall is in full swing! I thought it would be fun to share some… [See the Post]

    Fall Home Decor
  • 5 Tips for Finding the Right Car

    This is sponsored post by Cars.com. All opinions are my own! If you ask me, when it comes to having a car, the easiest part is driving it. All the steps that lead up to purchasing or leasing a car are the hard part. And if you’re like me, deciding on what type of car to get in the first… [See the Post]

    5 Tips for Finding the Right Car

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Surprise slow cooker!

I was quite the busy bee today.  I got in a good few solid hours of studying in while Munchkin hung out with his grandpa.  I even devoured my lunch with nose still in the books. Yes I started with the sweets 😉 My salad was really good – spring mix with cherry tomatoes and red, yellow and green peppers….

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Goldfish for breakfast?!

It was great waking up this morning knowing that I don’t have to go to school! But, unfortunately I still have to get passed these two finals before I can really start celebrating.  This morning I woke up starving.  Usually I don’t really get hungry until I’m up and moving around for a while, but the only thing I could…

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Law School made easy…kinda

I’m writting this post from a little park between all the courthouses in downtown Manhattan.  Not gonna lie I feel pretty cool sitting out here with my hot pink laptop. I just got out of my criminal law review class and I needed a little breather before I get back to studying and this seemed like the perfect spot to…

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Weekend Warriors

I have a splinter. I’m scared to take it out but it really hurts.  The weather is getting nicer and nicer and I’m spending more time outdoors and its really great. Other than the dangers that lurk outdoors, like splinters. Last night, after the boyfriend got off from work we decided to go to the beach.  After making it into…

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Movie theater etiquette and Calexico!

So we ended up going to see Fast Five last night and I actually enjoyed the movie.  It wouldn’t be first on my list of movies to see, but it was good. And spoiler alert, there’s gonna be a sixth one! Since it was opening night, the theater was packed. If we hadn’t bought our tickets online beforehand, we would’ve…

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