• Homemade Dessert Hack: Red Velvet NYC

    Meal kits are super trendy these days. Millennials are said to be killing fast food restaurants because they would rather cook at home then eat subpar food at quick dining establishments. We are a generation of foodies and why should it be any different when it comes to our desserts. Enter Red Velvet NYC! Red Velvet is a gourmet dessert… [See the Post]

    Homemade Dessert Hack: Red Velvet NYC
  • NYC Travel Guide: Top of the Rock

    Growing up in New York City, it’s easy to become jaded by the tourist sites. I know people who have spent their whole lives in the city, but have never visited the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building because those are places that tourists go. All these places are filled with tourists, but they are also full of… [See the Post]

    NYC Travel Guide: Top of the Rock
  • Housewarming Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

    Housewarming parties in your early 20s are fun. Everyone is broke and has nothing, so no matter what gift you decide to bring, it will be appreciated and most likely used. Once everyone is more established, housewarming parties begin to get difficult. Everyone basically has everything they need or is able to afford the things they want, so choosing a… [See the Post]

    Housewarming Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything
  • Diggerland USA

    If you are like my son and husband and have ever had a desire to ride heavy construction equipment, this post is for you! Last week, we visited Diggerland USA in Berlin, New Jersey. Diggerland is a construction themed amusement park, where instead of roller coasters and merry go rounds, you get to operate real construction equipment. The park itself is… [See the Post]

    Diggerland USA
  • Summer Mom Guilt: 5 Ways to Beat It

    Thanks to social media, summer mom guilt is stronger than ever. Anytime you log into Facebook or Instagram, you are inundated with pictures of your friends with their smiling children, doing tons of fun summer activities. Then the thoughts start to creep into your head.  Why don’t I take my children everywhere like my friends? Why can’t I provide so… [See the Post]

    Summer Mom Guilt: 5 Ways to Beat It

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Royal Wedding!

I was planning on getting up to watch the Royal Wedding this morning, but thanks to the fabulous creation known as DVR I was able to watch it when I woke up instead. 🙂 They say that every girl wants to grow up to be a princess, but after watching the wedding, I’m glad I’m not a princess nor will…

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Asparagus = Yum

On Sunday my boyfriend brought be a surprise from his mom. A huge bunch of asparagus, literally bigger than any bunch I’ve even seen in a supermarket.  It’s fresh from the farm where she goes to buy her eggs and veggies. With all this asparagus I started looking for recipes to use it all up.  On the menu for today…

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Crazy Spring Weather

Sick babies are no fun.  Sick mommies are no fun either. Both me and Alex seem to have caught some kind of bug and we’re not enjoying it.  I’m not sure if I have a cold or allergies, but Alex definitely has a yucky cold complete with cough and stuffy nose.  It’s actually his first real cold. I think I…

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New York City for free!

Today flew by way to quickly for my liking.  Munchkin woke up at 5 AM and fell back asleep around 7, so we ended up not really getting out of bed until 10:30 with what seems like half the day behind us already. I got some exerstudying in, getting through about 40 pages of my outline and cycling 13 miles…

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Auto show and lots of food.

Yesterday was quite and eventful day for me.  I woke up super early because Munchkin had a doctor’s appointment at 9:00 for his 15 month check up.  He took his vaccination and blood test like a champ. After his appointment was done, we headed over to the New York International Auto Show.  Both the boyfriend and I hadn’t been to…

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