Multi-tasking Friday!

Seeing as I’ve been majorly slacking off in the workout department (I blame finals big time!) I decided to do a little more than I’ve been doing for the past two weeks.
I started off with 45 minutes on the stationary bike while reading my outline and managed to get 11 miles in, between loads of laundry.  Mutli-tasking at its finest! After folding munchkin’s laundry I decided to do some arm work since I’ve been slacking on strength training really bad.  I opted for Tone It Up’s Lean Arms Pyramid.  It may seem like its an easy workout, but trust me you start feeling the burn after those dips.
10 Push-ups on knees
20 Dips on edge of chair
30 Bicep Curls with light weights
40 Seconds Plank on hands
50 Tone It Up Tummy Tucks (burpees)
40 Seconds Plank on hands
30 Bicep Curls with light weights
20 Dips on edge of chair
10 Push-ups on knees

After my workout I rehydrated with some water and enjoyed a Kashi Go Lean Crunchu Chocolate Caramel Protein Bar.  Yum! Perfect thing to hold me over until the boyfriend gets home and we make smoothies!

Did anyone see Kate’s second dress today? 
I absolutely love it!

Royal Wedding!

I was planning on getting up to watch the Royal Wedding this morning, but thanks to the fabulous creation known as DVR I was able to watch it when I woke up instead. :)

They say that every girl wants to grow up to be a princess, but after watching the wedding, I’m glad I’m not a princess nor will I be becoming one anytime soon.  The wedding was nice, Kate’s dress was very pretty, but the whole ceremony kind of lacked emotion for me.  I also did not like Kate’s veil.  It looked nice when it was over her face, but once it was pulled back it just kinda looked like a rag on her head.  To each his own, I guess. I feel that your wedding should be a special day to share with those you love, and should reflect the two of you, but this was a little too formal for my taste.

Other than that, I enjoyed it.  Munchkin on the other hand couldn’t wait until I turned back to Yo Gabba Gabba!

Breakfast this morning was a egg, mushroom and cheese on a goldfish!

It may not measure up to the canapes served at the Queen’s Luncheon for the newlyweds, but it was delicious nonetheless.

Time for laundry and cleaning! I think I’m going to the movies to see Fast Five tonight.  Can you guess who chose the movie this time. 😉