A Cosmically Good Weekend

Why do the weekends fly by so quickly? Luckily I only have two days of school this week, so I will soon be enjoying a 5 day weekend.

Friday started off with a trip to the supermarket where I made an incredible discovery. I was looking for Pumpkin Spice waffles when I ran into these bad boys.

With the Pumpkin Spice bagels in my cart, I walked over to the dairy section of the supermarket hoping to find cinnamon cream cheese, but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t exist.  So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. In the spice aisle I found a cinnamon sugar grinder and I knew this would make my bagels amazing.

When I got home, I toasted up a bagel, spread on some cream cheese and topped it off with some cinnamon sugar.  It tasted amazing! If you can find these bagels in your supermarket I highly recommend em!

I also took my first stab at Spaghetti Squash on Friday and was pleasantly surprised with the results. I made it with a pesto Parmesan sauce. Recipe will follow soon.

Pun intended 😉

Even though the weathermen kept yelling about how the weekend was going to be a washout, that didn’t happen. We woke up on Saturday morning and headed over to the farm stand for some fresh produce.

Munchkin had a ball checking out the pumpkins.

Munchkin and I spent most of Saturday outside playing on our swing set. His favorite part is the steering wheel, he could play with the thing for hours on end.

I also nearly had a heart attack when I found a salamander slithering up my leg.  Even though they are virtually harmless, looking down and finding a lizard on my leg was not a pleasant experience.

After working up an appetite outdoors, we enjoyed some of the fresh fruit we got at the farm stand.

After Munchkin was fast asleep, Tommy and I headed out for a night on the town.  Unfortunately, the towns in the Poconos are lacking in the night life department so we ended up at the bowling alley.  Neither of us had been bowling in years, but it was a lot of fun. The bowling alley does cosmic bowling at night, so the whole place was lit up in black lights.

We also made a bet that whoever lost would get dinner that night. So of course I had to lose.  Notice that I did get two strikes, but that wasn’t enough to win.

Since it was getting late, it was almost impossible to find a place that was open, but not fast food. Luckily, this place had crazy neon lights which we saw through the crazy fog.

Luna Rossa is a sit down restaurant, but by the time we got there only the bar section was open and we were limited to the bar menu, which included brick oven pizza.

We got two pizzas to share and enjoyed them along side some Yuengling. For a complete hole in the wall place in the middle of nowhere, the pizza was surprisingly good, and that’s coming from two native New Yorkers who know their pizza.

Sunday was spent relaxing around the house.  Munchkin decided to bake an imaginary cake.

Cake is Munchkin’s newest word and he points at the oven repeating cake.  Maybe I have a future baker on my hands?

I also finished up reading Room last night.  It is really an amazing story about a five year old boy and his mother who have been held captive since the mother was kidnapped at age 19.  I don’t want to give any of it away, but its one of those books you cannot put down.

Now I need to finish up my reading for school! Have a great Monday everyone!

What’s the last good book you’ve read?
Have you ever discovered a really good hole in the wall restaurant?