Movie theater etiquette and Calexico!

So we ended up going to see Fast Five last night and I actually enjoyed the movie.  It wouldn’t be first on my list of movies to see, but it was good. And spoiler alert, there’s gonna be a sixth one!

Since it was opening night, the theater was packed. If we hadn’t bought our tickets online beforehand, we would’ve been out of luck because all the showings were sold out when we got to the theater.  We got there pretty early and scored some good seats, next to the cutest little boy who was probably around 6 years old.  Little boy came with his parents and two young brothers, all under 12.  They found seats and then the mom took two of them to get snacks.  The movie theater started filling up quick and people kept coming over to little boy’s dad and asking if those seats were taken, and he would tell them that they are, and the people would move on to find other seats.  That is, until mean girl came.  She pushed past the father and sat down pulling her boyfriend with her.  When the father said the seats were taken she started yelling saying that you can’t save seats and that she paid her money to see the movie.  Now my question is: Who do you think is right?  Is it okay to save seats at the movies?

While it is annoying to think you found a seat in a packed theater only to find that its being saved, I always respect that and keep looking.  Everyone saves seats, otherwise no one would get snacks or go to the bathroom before the movie.  Eventually mean girl’s boyfriend who was totally embarrassed got up and found other seats, so the family got to watch the movie together.  Yay for happy endings. ;)


After the movie, we were both a little hungry and in the mood for Mexican so we headed over to Greenpoint to Calexico, a place that opened a little over a month ago.  I always thought the space where Calexico is located was cursed or something, because everytime a new resaurant would open there it would be out of business within a few months, even though the food was really good.  I was super surprised to see how busy the place was last night. It was packed.  Looks like the curse has been broken.

I had the Chicken Quesadilla and Tommy had a Carne Asada Buritto. My quesadilla was served with a creamy chipotle hot sauce that was soo good.  My mouth was burnin’ so naturally I had to cool it off with a margarita because I’m on some sort of a margarita kick, lately.  It was good too, not too strong, just enough salt. Yum.

Now I get to go study. Again. All I keep telling myself is two more weeks.  TWO MORE WEEKS!