5 Tips for a Cozy Home

Just when it seemed like spring was here in NYC, winter decided to come back with a vengeance. So while we are stuck in the house with subzero temps I though I’d share some tips about how we keep our home cozy as we patiently wait for spring to arrive.

  1. Picture frames. There is nothing I love more than a house filled with pictures of family and friends. It just makes me happy to look at pictures of good times when I’m curled up on the couch. We have a big gallery wall in our living room full of pictures of family and friends and I love having everyone up on the wall to see on a daily basis.
  2. Pillows and cozy throws. We have more pillows and blankets than I would like to admit at our house, but we are all (including Alex) pillow and blanket people. There is nothing better than snuggling on the couch with your favorite people to watch a movie with a cozy blanket. Out of all our pillows and throws, my favs are the personalized ones from Shutterfly. Because whats better than a cozy blanket covered in pictures of your favorite people in the world?
  3. Oils, Oils, Oils. Our oil diffuser is always on and makes the house smell delicious and cozy. My favorite blends are Citrus Fresh, Joy and Christmas Spirit. We also diffuse Thieves during the colder months to kill germs and keep us healthy. I prefer oils over scented candles because they make your home smell awesome, without the potential health risks that candles may pose.
  4. Plants. There is something about plants that just make a home feel warm and cozy. I have a particular soft spot for succulents. I will also share a pro tip – if you can’t seem to keep your plants alive, Michael’s has a ton of beautiful fake plants that look very real. I bought a few of them a few weeks ago and even tricked Tommy into thinking they are real.
  5. Sunlight. Natural light in the house is priceless. We are lucky enough to have big windows that give us a ton of light in our bedroom and living room. I always tell Tommy that if we found our dream home, but it didn’t have enough natural light that it would be a tough sell. We have sheers hanging in all of our windows. They provide the privacy we need, while still letting in all of the amazing natural light.¬†

What are your favorite ways to keep your home cozy? 

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