DIY Lavender Bath Bombs

Since Alex was a baby, he suffered from eczema and dry skin in general. One of our favorite ways to combat his dry skin are moisturizing bath bombs at bath time, but the prices at specialty shops are pretty steep. I decided to give making my own bath bombs a shot and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy they are to make and how soft they leave yourΒ skin.
Lavender bath bombs

If you can make a box cake mix, you can make bath bombs, as long as you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty.

Lavender bath bombs

DIY Lavender Bath Bombs

In a large glass bowl, combine all the ingredients using your hands to mix them together. When it is ready, the mixture should have the consistency of wet sand. Transfer the mixture to your silicone mold or wrap handful sized scoops in saran wrap. Let them sit for 24 hours until they harden and remove from the molds.

Lavender bath bombs

Drop them in the bath tub and watch them fizzle away. The coconut oil leaves your skin super smooth and the lavender is perfect to help you (or the kiddos) relax and unwind before bed time. Store them in a cool, dry place. These are a little softer than store bought bath bombs, so I do not recommend keeping them in the bathroom where it gets humid often.

Lavender bath bombs

If you are looking for any of ingredients that you need to make your own beauty products at home, I highly recommend using iHerb. The website has a huge selection of natural products, their prices are great and the shipping is super quick. I use them to order natural beauty products and all of the little man’s vitamins on a regular basis.

Do you use bath bombs? What are your favorite scents?

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    • You can use eucalyptus oil instead of lavender to make the Vicks type bath bombs. They are awesome for congestion!

    • Seriously! It is not worth all the money they want at Lush. I made 6 using stuff I already had at home, for probably less than the price of 1 there.

    • We love Lush too, but with how easy these are to make, I don\’t think we will be visiting for a while!

  1. I want to make these for myself! I can already imagine a hot bath with a lavender bath bomb, a glass of wine and my favorite book! The perfect night!

  2. This bath bomb recipe is super easy and I love it! I’ve actually made them before with a large group of kids at a library program (I’m a librarian. Don’t worry, I didn’t just go hang out with a bunch of 3rd grades for the hell of it). I like yours better though with the added coconut oil. Anything that’s got coconut oil in it is automatically a favorite of mine. Definitely going to have to try these!


  3. Wow! The steps seems pretty easy to follow! I wonder will it be very moisturizing as I stay in a super humid and hot country? I don’t want to feel sticky after shower.

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