WIAW: No Meat for 40 Days

Happy WIAW! This year for lent, I decided to give up meat. I gave up meat last year also, and I found that it was a challenge to eat meat free, especially with a house full of meat eaters, but that I don’t really miss eating meat. It also made me think about my meals in advance much more than when I eat meat, which is a big plus for me and helps with mindless eating. See my meatless WIAWs from last year: 1, 2, 3.


Here are some of the meatless eats that I have been enjoying lately.

My breakfasts usually fall into one of two categories:

Oatmeal with fruit


…or an egg and cheese sandwich. This one was eaten in my car as I stood in the traffic of the century yesterday morning on the BQE. photo(108)

My lunch varies from day to day. Sometimes I will eat whatever the kitchen is cooking at work, some days I pack a salad and some days we order deliciousness like these Thai Mixed Veggies. So simple, yet so yummy.


My favorite dinner of the last week is this baked salmon with a side of Trader Joe’s Asian Vegetables w/Beijing-style Soy Sauce.


And how could a meatless WIAW not include some delish sushi. Tommy, Alex and I hit up our favorite sushi buffet recently. Delicious beyond words.


And just for fun, this is the little man’s current favorite meal – “melty cheese sandwich” no crust and strawberries.


What’s the best thing you ate this week?

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  1. DELICIOUS!!! I could definitely give up meat for 40 days as long as I could eat ALL THE SALMON IN THE WORLD – which you are clearly doing. I am drooling over it. Next time you make that delicious salmon steak, grill me up one too, PLEASE? 🙂

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