If you are one of the lucky people who saw me yesterday, you probably would’ve asked me why I’m walking funny and I would’ve answered with one word, a name actually – Karen.

Before we got to the WOD, we practiced deadlifts. I had only done deadlifts in WODs so far, and I tend to err on the side of safety and go pretty light with my weights until I get comfortable with the weight I’m putting on, but I am so proud to say that I got up to 175 lbs. We were going for one rep max, but I do not feel like the weight I got to was my one rep max. I knew I could have gone on, but we ran out of weight plates, so I decided to take a back seat and watch some of the others lifting some incredible weight. Our 8pm WOD had a record of over 360lbs. Its amazing to see what seemingly “normal” people can achieve.  I am also over the moon because one of the coaches kept telling me that I have an amazing deadlift. I was probably beaming every time he looked over at me, because when I started my foundations, I could barely do a proper air squat, let alone dead lift. P-R-O-G-R-E-S-S!

After deadlifts, we got to the WOD. At first look, I thought to myself, that doesn’t sound too bad. When our coaches were telling us to break it down into sets of 15s or 10s to make it easier, I though I have this. I came out strong for about the first 5 rounds. I busted them out and then the pain set it. Each set of 10 made it feel like my legs were on fire, but I got through it in 13:39. If it had not been for my coaches and other CrossFitters, I would have given up. I was ready to lay, face-down in my signature I’m dying pose, but Ashley stuck with me, she counted off each wall ball and cheered for me when I got through another set of 10.

There were just a few people remaining after I finished, but we all cheered each other on and everyone finished. It felt just as great to give support than to get it. After we all finished the WOD, our coaches told us we were awesome and we all shared our times.

That being said, I’m currently toying with the idea of giving up CrossFit for a few weeks to properly train for my 10k in October, but the more I think about it the less I want to do it. My Groupon membership ends on Sunday, so I’m hoping to get in a WOD or two before this break. Decisions, decisions!

What’s the last workout that left you hurtin’?

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  1. I just joined crossfit this week and I am loving it! It is such a workout! One thing I am nervous about though is that I won’t have time for running anymore. I finally got up to running 6 miles as a pdr and I’m scared i’m going to have to work my way up again… we shall see what happens!

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