Mother’s Dayuation

This weekend was most definitely a busy one! After I turned off the computer on Saturday morning, I probably didn’t sit down until last night. Okay I’m exaggerating, but it sure feels that way.

Saturday morning I dropped off Tommy at work bright and early – 5am! I got back home fairly quickly and went back to bed to catch some shut eye until Munchkin woke up. At least I got some nice views of the sunrise over Brooklyn! Excuse the grossness that is my car, but the street I work on is being renovated and it’s there’s dust flying through the air constantly.

After a quick breakfast, we went out to run some errands with my pops. The supermarket we go to was having some kind of festival and we got free cupcakes and fruit salad. Munchkin also got to spin the prize wheel and won a $5 gift card for groceries!

On my way back to pick up Tommy, I made a decision that I do not want to live in NYC in the long run, I simply don’t have the nerves for it. It took me almost an hour to drive about 4 miles. So frustrating! My frustration quickly passed though, because on Saturday night we headed out to my friend Paul’s graduation party. Paul got his Masters in Mental Health Counseling and I couldn’t be more proud! He’s looking for a job in the NYC area if anyone has some info! Tommy and Munchkin ended up wearing matching polos, which we didn’t realize until we got to the party. How cute are my boys? 😉

The party was a really good time – BBQ and Old Fashioneds. It was great to see all my friends, hang out and just have a great time.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t say up too late because we had to be up early the next morning for the actual graduation, which started at 10.  But before we got to the graduation, we had to do some Mother’s Day celebrating. I got some gorgeous yellow roses, pink roses and some amazing cards in the mail from my cousin Patricia and Munchkin. Needless to say, I was one happy mama! Thank you guys so much!

The ceremony was on the great lawn on the school’s campus, so it was a pleasure to sit out in the sun and watch the ceremony. Since it was outdoors, munchkin got to do some exploring.

Three hours later (over 3000 people graduated and they read every persons name!) our graduate emerged! After a photo or 12, we parted ways.

I met up with my patents at Home Depot to buy some plants to start our garden. I bought two types of tomatoes, eggplant, red and yellow peppers, zucchini, parsley, basil and mint(for mojitos!). I can’t wait for my crops to start growing!

After we were done planting, I was famished so I threw together a quick BBQ meal. Grilled chicken and peppers with a side of Trader Joe’s veggie fried rice. Totally hit the spot after a long day.

Since munchkin decided to skip his nap, he knocked out around 8 and I spent the rest of the evening in the books.

Last final is tomorrow and I cannot wait for it to be done and over with! I am so ready for long summer nights and carefree weekend adventures. Tommy bought a bike rack for his car over the weekend, so I foresee some bike trips in our future. Things are looking up my friends, I hope we have a great summer ahead of us!

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there!

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Happy belated Mother's Day! I could see how driving in New York would be stressful. I always get super anxious in traffic in "real" cities. Those flowers are beautiful!

  2. Happy Mother's Day Sylvia! 🙂 I hope you had the most wonderful day. You deserved it. 🙂

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