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As much as I hate feeling like a tourist in my own city (I think it’s a New Yorker thing), Tommy and I braved the cold winds and the huge lines to take a trip to the Empire State Building. Only we would pick the coldest day of the season to spend time outdoors, 86 stories up. It was lit up in red, blue and orange for the NHL Winter Classic. Go Rangers!

Before we headed up into the sky, we filled up on some Chipotle. We both got burrito bowls and split some chips with guac. It’s also not a trip to Chipotle for me without an Izzie soda. I discovered the stuff the first time I ever ate at Chipotle and I always get one when I’m there. I love Chipotle and need to start a petition to bring one closer to my house. Anyone willing to sign? 😉

The lines to get into the building were only slightly ridiculous, but that’s what we get for going during one of the busiest times of the year. If our tickets weren’t expiring on Saturday, we probably would’ve waited until after the holidays. Luckily we were able to get passed the first huge line by convincing the security guy that Tommy is an employee of the building because his company has an office there. Unfortunately, the mean lady at the next checkpoint didn’t buy our story. We also ended up taking the stairs for the last six stories because it was either a 5 minute walk up or a 30 wait to take the elevator.

There’s something about the view, that when you get up there you seem to forget how aggravated you were standing in the lines for such a long time.

It was a perfectly clear night and you could see for miles.

My house is somewhere among these lights.

We tried to take a few pictures, but when you use the flash you can’t see the view and when you can see the view, you can’t see us. But the twinkling lights are prettier than we are anyway.

I’ve been lucky enough to go up to the top of every observatory in New York and I have to say that the World Trade Center really had the best observatory and I can’t wait until the Freedom Tower opens to check out that observatory. But if you’re coming to New York in the near future and want to go up to check out the view, shell out the extra three bucks and go to the Top of the Rock. The views are pretty much the same, but the crowds are almost non-existent there compared to the Empire State Building and the observatory itself it newer and nicer, at least in my opinion.

The only thing you don’t get to see at The Top of the Rock is King Kong!

Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Haha. I was paranoid about not looking like a tourist when I lived for 3 years in the Dominican Republic. I obviously stuck out being the white girl, but I avoided taking a camera out at all costs!! Now that I live in Denver, peopel always want to see "mountain-y" stuff that I have NO CLUE about. Give me a few years, people!! 🙂

    • Haha, I bet you stuck out, but I would love to live in DR. It's such a beautiful place! I hate feeling like a tourist no matter where I go, I feel like tourists get a bad wrap.

  2. Ah, King Kong — when I was seven, my Girl Scouts troop took a trip to NYC, and the Empire State Building was our last stop before heading home. I was afraid of heights back then and refused to go up to the observatory, so my mom and I hung out downstairs instead. We were looking at something on the wall (a poster, maybe?) when this guy dressed in a King Kong costume snuck up behind us and scared the living daylights out of me. Instant tears! To this day, I can remember it like it was just yesterday.

    What a beautiful view of the city from up there — it's like a sea of sparkles 🙂

  3. Wow! What a beautiful view! The pictures look absolutely beautiful at night! I think it's such a romantic date to go there at night. I definitely want to do that with Mike one day. 🙂 Love Chipotle!

    • It is very romantic, especially at night. I recommend going when it's warm though. It was hard to enjoy the view when it was like 15 degrees and windy up there! Hope you're feeling better!

  4. The Empire State Building is really one of my favorite places to visit in New York. It's at its best at night when the city lights are just amazing.

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