Sushi Roadtrip

Yesterday we took the fasted road trip in recorded history because we’re already back home!

Munchkin and I lazied around the house until about noon when I realized that we were both still in our PJs and we had to be out the door and on the road in two hours.  I quickly packed our overnight bag, hopped in the shower and got us both dressed and ready to roll.

We picked up Tommy around three and we hit the road.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous so we opened up the sunroof and took in the warmth and sun.

After about two hours and a frantic search for a bathroom because I am a five year old when it comes to car rides, we made it to Minado’s where we were meeting Tommy’s aunt, uncle and cousin for dinner. This little guy said Mom, you should wear a diaper, you don’t see me complaining!

Minado’s is a Japanese buffet which means all you can eat sushi!

The food was all incredibly fresh and there were sushi chefs whipping up new rolls as soon as one was finished.  All the sushi is made in small portions to ensure its fresh.  They also have a ton of seafood like crab legs, oysters, ceviche and hot foods like chicken and beef teriyaki, fried rice, noodles, the works.

I really enjoyed the sushi.  There were so many different kinds of rolls and sushi that I had never tried.  I only tried a few things from the hot section of the buffet, but everything was great.  With good food and good company we ended up filling our bellies then chatting it up for a really long time.  But since we still had a pit stop to make in the Philly area, we had to part ways and get back on the road.

We got to Philly, took car of business and made it home to hop into bed pretty early because we had to be back on the road at 4:30. Yes, 4:30 AM.  The only good thing I can think of about being up at the time was no traffic and watching the sunrise.

We made it back into New York at 6:30 and we dropped Tommy off and work and came home to hop back into bed.  I have to admit, I learned to appreciate my boyfriend a lot more through this road trip.  While he was in school about 3 hours outside New York, he would make these 4 AM trips into the city weekly, to go to work and still have the energy to come spend time with me after.  He’s a crazy, but I love him!

Do you like road trips? 
Do you like to eat at buffets?

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