Whirlwind Weekend

I spent the whole weekend in Pennsylvania with my boyfriend helping him celebrate his graduation and pack for his trip to Poland.  He is now just a few hours away from landing and I’m back home and I’m not gonna lie, I miss him already.

We were super busy this weekend.  On Thursday night, I finished my last final and drove down to Philly because we had to be up super early the next morning to drive to Tommy’s school to finish packing up his apartment and go to his graduation! I’m super proud of him and his 4.0 GPA for his last semester!

Before his graduation we went out for lunch at Acme BBQ.  This place seriously has the best BBQ I’ve ever had.  If you’re ever in Willpo, I highly recommend the brisket.

We got home pretty late that night so we didn’t do a family dinner, instead Tommy and I drove to Philly for me to see some of the city and to get a late dinner.  Not surprisingly, we decided to get sushi.  After driving around for a while, we decided on Raw Sushi & Sake Lounge.  The place is seriously amazing.  The sushi was perfect and the whole atmosphere and decor of the place was great.  We are already planning on going back when Tommy gets home. 

Pretty lanterns.
Delish sushi!
Geno’s cheese steaks!
Philly has a lot of really great architecture.

 We woke up early on Saturday to run errands.  First on the list was a trip to the outlet mall.  J Crew is seriously my favorite store, especially the outlet.  We both got a lot of nice things for summer and Tommy got some work clothes.  I also got munchkin some new PJs for summer and a Cars beach towel. 

After we were done with out shopping for the day, we headed home to change and go out to dinner at Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse with the family, to celebrate Tommy’s graduation. I really enjoyed dinner, not only was the food amazing, our chef was hysterical and had us cracking up the whole time.

Jay, our hibachi chef.
 We also went out for drinks that night, where I spilled my drink not once, but twice and also managed to shatter a glass in the process. Go me. Luckily no one was hurt.
Sunday morning we woke up and went to church and got our prayer on.  After a quick breakfast, we were off to the King of Prussia Mall because we still needed to pick up a few things for our vacations. We walked around for a while, did a lot or browsing, fell in love with LoveSac couches and had Coldstone before heading back home for a delicious dinner prepared by Tommy’s mom.  
We laid on this couch for a good 15 minutes in the store.
 After dinner we started on laundry and packing which we didn’t finish until 3 AM.  Granted, we did fall asleep for about an hour while waiting for a load of laundry to finish.  We also ate cheesesteaks at 11 PM.  Might not be too healthy, but they were delish and totally hit the spot. I was so tired by the time we were done that I passed out on the basement couch and slept there until morning.  
We woke up this morning and drove around in circles thanks to the GPS in my iPhone.  It gave us wrong directions about four times this weekend, I really don’t know whats wrong with it! We finally got to the UPS store to weigh Tommy’s suitcase, which we were almost sure was over the 50 pound weight limit, but miraculously wasn’t. 
On the way to the airport we had a lot of fun learning German phrases, because Tommy has a layover in Frankfurt.  I’m pretty sure the only word he remembers is toilet, but I think that’s a really good word to know, nonetheless.  We finally made it to the airport after standing in traffic for a bit on the turnpike.  Tommy was already checked in, so all we had to do was check his luggage and we had two hours to explore the airport.  Needless to say, there is nothing to explore at Newark airport.  JFK is my airport of choice.  We finally said our goodbyes and I waited around for a bit before leaving to make sure he got through security okay.  
And now me and munchkin are all alone for one month.  I’m gonna miss Tommy like craaaazy.  He really is like my best friend and I’m pretty sure there’s no one else that I could spend that much time with and not want to kill.  Hopefully this month will fly by pretty quick, because I want him back home already!
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