BBQ Pizza, Well Done

Yesterday was a super busy day and I didn’t get around to posting in the evening because I didn’t get to sit down until midnight and all I wanted to do was get my butt to bed.

I started the day off with was eggs for breakfast.  It had been a while since I made dippy eggs and I enjoyed every bite.  After that, I did some studying for the last time in at least three months! I’m super excited to be almost finished.

Halfway through studying I got hungry so I threw together a quick wrap to hold me over until the boyfriend got home from work to make dinner.  The wrap consisted of turkey, marinara sauce and shredded cheese which I melted together in the microwave.  It was really delish.

Grilled Pizza
For dinner, we decided to make grilled pizza which was inspired by Courtney from Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life.  While everything went smoothly for Courtney the first time she made it, our experience wasn’t that great, but delicious in the end, nonetheless.  I started out by roasting our veggies in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes.  I tossed them will olive oil and salt and pepper before they went in. Since the actual pizza doesn’t stay over the heat long enough to cook the veggies, you have to roast them to prevent having totally uncooked veggies on the pizza.

I bought Pilsbury thin crust pizza dough because we were going for a crispy crust, like a brick oven pizza which we both love.  I rolled the dough out on a piece of tin foil and it was ready to go onto the grill.

While the recipe said to keep the dough on the grill for 3 minutes on high, we learned that 3 minutes really means 3 not 5 and that high is too high when grilling pizza, at least on our grill.

After a good deal of scraping, we salvaged the crust, covered it in sauce, cheese and toppings and threw it back on the grill to melt the cheese. We also cooked out other crust, the right way.

Even though it may look a little burnt, you could barely taste it.  I hate it when my bread is toasted too much, but I really didn’t mind this.  The sauce and cheese totally overpowered the burn flavor. 

After dinner we ran twenty thousand errands.  We went to the beer store, 99 cents store, supermarket, car supply store, Borders and Starbucks! I bought cheesecake supplies to make Tommy a cheesecake for his graduation.

I also bought the Hunger Games and I am super excited to start reading it.  I’ve heard so much good stuff about this book and I hope I love it as much as other who have read the series do.

At Starbucks, I got a coconut mocha frapaccino and it was flippin delish.  I rarely get fraps because about halfway through the drink I start feeling too cold and don’t feel like finishing it.  Yes, I am a bit strange. Someone on twitter tweeted that they’re obsessed with the new frap, so I had to try it and I’m glad I did!

After we got home, I gave munchkin a bath and started on the cheesecake.  I can’t wait to try the bad boy since I didn’t get a taste of the last cheesecake I made.

Today is another super busy day! I’m meeting up for a sushi lunch with the boyfriend because he needs to get his last sushi fix before being away for a whole month.  I have to finish packing for my trip to Philly this weekend and I have to pick up a few more graduation related things to surprise the boyfriend.  After I get through all of that, I have to get to school to take my four hour Civil Procedure final at 6pm.  After I’m done with the final I’ll be hopping in my car and driving to Philly.  I just hope I don’t fall asleep along the way! Wish me luck!

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