New York City for free!

Today flew by way to quickly for my liking.  Munchkin woke up at 5 AM and fell back asleep around 7, so we ended up not really getting out of bed until 10:30 with what seems like half the day behind us already.

I got some exerstudying in, getting through about 40 pages of my outline and cycling 13 miles at the same time.  Not too shabby, I think. Also if anyone uses DailyMile to track their workouts add me!

With the weather in New York getting nicer and nicer, the last thing I want to do is study and go to my last few classes. While procrastinating on Stumble Upon today I came across this website, with 40 free attractions in New York.  Its sad to say that I’ve lived in New York my whole life and I haven’t been to most of these places, and I’m thinking that I’m gonna spend some time this summer exploring this city.

The thing that I’m most exciting in going to is the High Line.  Its a park in Chelsea that was created on an old elevated railroad track, so its pretty much a park 30 feet above the streets of the city.  I remember hearing about it when it opened in 2009 and wanting to go, but obviously quickly forgetting about it.

High Line as seen from above.

I also really want to go to the Brooklyn Brewery Tour.  I’m a fan of Brooklyn Lager and wouldn’t mind going to see where it’s made and getting some free samples. :)

Question of the Day: What are your favorite places to visit in your city?

Auto show and lots of food.

Yesterday was quite and eventful day for me.  I woke up super early because Munchkin had a doctor’s appointment at 9:00 for his 15 month check up.  He took his vaccination and blood test like a champ.

After his appointment was done, we headed over to the New York International Auto Show.  Both the boyfriend and I hadn’t been to the Auto Show in years and since he might be in the market for a new car shortly we figured it would be a nice way to spend the day.

Wait, what’s my car doing behind these ropes?
This is what I’ve requested for my birthday 😉
Lightin’ McQueen!
Checking out the roomy interior.
Alex finally settled for the Camaro convertible.

After we had our fill of cars we decided to walk over to Times Square to get some lunch.  The weather in NYC was gorgeous yesterday. It was 80 degrees and sunny – like a perfect early summer day.  We ended up going to Chevy’s, a Mexican place and I had the Santa Fe Salad and a lime frozen margarita. It was really yummy and refreshing after being out in the warm weather.

After lunch we parted ways with Munchkin and Tommy heading home while I went to my last Legal Practice Class ever! Halfway through class I get a call from Tommy with great news! He just found out that he passed the test that decided if he would be graduating in May or not.  I didn’t doubt that he would do amazing for one minute, but he had been super worried about it for weeks.

After class we met at one of my favorite restaurants, My Moon in Williamsburg. I love the place in the spring and summer because they have a gorgeous outdoor seating area and I love dining outdoors. We had planned on only having drinks but since it was dinner time so we got some eats also.  I had the Bambo Rice which was almost like a risotto with mushrooms and roasted veggies.

I forgot to get a picture before we started eating but we totally cleaned our plates. The food there is always super yummy.

Now after an awesome day of fun and frolicking its time to get back to the books.