Exerstudying to survive Law School

School has forced me to put a lot of my workouts on hold, mostly because I’m a procrastinator and wait until the last minute to finish a paper or to start studying.  But today, something clicked in my head. I’m feeling heavy and groggy after all that I consumed yesterday and would love to get some exercise in to make myself feel better, but I really have to study because I only have a little over a week until my first final. What better that to combine the two? I grabbed by two criminal law outlines and headed to the basement and hopped on my exercise bike.  Even though I wasn’t doing anything high intensity, I still got my bones moving and read through each of the outlines with no distractions.  I think this studying while on the machine may become my workout method for the next two weeks.  What’s better than killing two bird with one stone.

I hear tons of good stuff about Coconut Water, especially after workouts to rehydrate.  I’ve tried it about three times and I can’t fathom how anyone could drink it on a regular basis.  When I was grocery shopping before Easter I picked up this bad boy:

Needless to say he is still sitting in my fridge because I couldn’t drink much of it without gagging.  I’ve also tried the VitaCoCo which seems like the brand that most people drink and that wasn’t much better.  Is there a secret to keeping it down? It’s health benefits are great and I’d like to drink it but it doesn’t look like its going to happen!

Now I’m off to school and munchkin is off to the moon!

More Easter Goodies!

Yesterday was filled with a lot of food and a lot of frolicking in the gorgeous weather. 

I totally overate yesterday, as usual during the holidays and this morning I couldn’t even look at the fridge full of leftovers. For breakfast I opted for a yogurt bowl. Nothing better than:



  Definitely hit the spot after yesterday’s heavy food and desserts.

The weather yesterday was gorgeous.  After a dreary and rainy Saturday, we woke up to a sunny and warm Sunday. Total turnaround.  After church, it was time to head outside try out some new goodies from Munchkin’s Easter basket.  He loved the chalk, and I’m not going to lie, I did too.  I can’t even remember the last time I played with sidewalk chalk.
Best $1 I’ve spent.
Strikin’ a pose.
Alex also got another Easter basket from his Godmother!
She knows the way to a mucnhkin’s heart – Goldfish! She also got him spill proof bubbles and tub crayons, both of which I enjoyed a great deal.  The tub crayons are a lot of fun and wash right off when bathtime is done.  And we can use the basket as a beach bucket because it’s plastic. She also got him two super cute summer outfits.  Can you tell she spoils him. :)
The Easter bunny also visited me last night.  

I got a super cool exercise ball which I’ve been meaning to buy for months now.  Isn’t my boyfriend, I mean Easter bunny great. 😉 I tried it out last night and it’s not as easy as it looks.  What are your favorite workouts that incorporate an exercise ball?